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The Pensions Regulator has said it to be ‘more important than ever’ for trustees and scheme managers .

In her blog post on TPR’s website, Louise Davey (Director of Regulatory Policy, Analysis and Advice) states the potential of the dashboard to ‘transform the pensions industry’ but that they ‘will only be as useful to savers as the data they rely on – having the data isn’t enough, it needs to be correct.’

With MM.’s suite of products – MM. Existence, MM. Spouse, MM. Beneficiary, and MM. Residence – trustees can ensure their data accuracy is at a point where they can be confident that it can be used in the Dashboard environment.

MM. Existence

Screen for deceased members within your pension scheme and maintain accurate records while streamlining operations and preventing unnecessary payments and reducing the risk of fraud.

MM. Spouse

Find undeclared marriages within your membership to ensure fair pension calculations and equitable distribution of benefits.

MM. Beneficiary

Locate members’ beneficiaries quickly and accurately in the event of a member’s passing, facilitating seamless benefit transitions.

MM. Residence

Validate and update addresses. Ensure accurate communication by validating addresses and discovering new addresses where members may have relocated.

Prepare your membership data for the Pension Dashboard Program.

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