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MM. Residence

Is an automatic tool which confirms if the member is living as stated or has moved house.

This allows funds, administrators, insurers and tracing companies to connect with a member at their new address.

Financial organisations inevitably lose contact with their members leading to increased costs, operational overheads and non-compliance with regulations.

MM. Residence addresses the main causes of pension data erosion.

– 14% of people move home annually
– 8 average home moves per lifetime
– 53% of home moves are renters
– Over 650K Deaths per annum in the UK
– Over 300K Emigrations per annum from the UK

MM. Residence constantly scans, compares and analyses each member’s circumstances using billions of records including property purchases and rentals to ensure pensions data is compliant and up-to date

MM. Residence categorises your pensions data with a clear indication of each member’s current circumstances, including the following:

Living as Stated


New Address


Third Party Mandate


Reduce hidden costs of out-dated member data

Schemes are required to maintain accurate and current member details. Data degrades as circumstances change and the organisation is not informed. Managing this challenge in an unstructured way results in uninformed decisions, increased internal resource and regulatory non-compliance. MM Living is a comprehensive tool which verifies and amends’ pensions data, including a members new address.

Seamless Implementation

MM. Residence is offered as a managed service and is applied to a bulk data set.

Input Data Requirements

MM Residence can process ambiguous data and is configurable based on requirements. As a minimum MM Living requires a member’s DOB & Postcode. However, more granular data improves results.

Process & Analysis

Analyse and cross reference data with billions of records to append spouse information and marital status.

Overview Report

MM Residence will produce a boardroom-ready report which explains the key headline outcomes of the data processing.

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