If the scheme is unaware of their member’s marital status and associated Spouse in, this can lead to the risk of unexpected and potentially unknown liabilities, particularly for DB schemes.  

MM Spouse is a proprietary solution built on a foundation of billions of historic records and data different data sources from other options in the market. This approach is resulting in consistent uplift in traced spouses compared to LexisNexis De-Risking Solutions, particularly when the member is gone-away from the address on file. 

In order to replicate current pricing models, MM have maintained similar categories to traditional market options. 

Living with Family 
Living in Long-Term Relationship 
Shared Living 

As well as proven uplift in matches spouses MM also offer additional data which is valuable to schemes and insurers as a standard with our marital status predictor. 

Gone-away indicator  Locate and update contact information for ‘gone away’ individuals are essential components of responsible scheme management. This is particularly important for a write-out campaign during a risk transfer. 
Separation Indicator Help protect the rights of all parties involved. Keeping track of divorce or legal separation ensures compliance and supports the individuals.  
Deceased flag Maintaining up-to-date records on the deceased status of plan members is essential for effective and responsible administration. MM are a DDRI license holder. 

Along with billions of historical records of UK residents, MM Spouse leverages actual marriage data, increasing confidence and improving results for our clients. 

Our Secure File Transfer (sFTP) product ensures that all files are securely transferred and returned to our clients within 24hours in accordance with MM’s accredited ISO 27001 information security management system.

During recent data tests, MM. Spouse was found to deliver, in comparison to other providers:

  • 8% uplift in matched spouses  
  • 10% reduction unmatched members
  • Over 40% increase in members matched as living in ‘Living in long-term relationship’

The risk of increased liabilities can be a major concern. That’s why our service is specifically designed to identify spouse and cohabitee information, which can be useful in identifying possible beneficiaries. Providing increased certainty over your liabilities. 

Contact MM. today to see how we can help your scheme unlock the undeclared marital status of your members.