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MM. Beneficiary

Is an automated tracing tool which appends spouse and beneficiary details to the member record.

This allows funds and administrators to connect efficiently with potential beneficiaries.

On the death of a member an administrator is obligated to connect any assets held with a beneficiary. When the heir is unknown, the administrator will usually attempt to find a beneficiary through the government (DWP) or a forensic tracing company. These options are expensive, time consuming and unreliable.

MM Beneficiary scans pension member databases and cross-references billions of records using multiple sources and advanced data science.

This allows administrators to:

  • Trace a spouse or beneficiaries name and DOB
  • Append multiple potential addresses to communicate
  • Provide confirmation that the member is deceased

Seamless Implementation

MM. Beneficiary is offered as a managed service and is applied to a bulk data set.

Input Data Requirements

MM. Beneficiary can process ambiguous data and is configurable based on requirements. As a minimum MM. Beneficiary requires a member’s DOB & Postcode. However, more granular data improves results.

Process & Analysis

Analyse and cross reference data with billions of records to append spouse information and marital status.

Overview Report

MM Beneficiary will produce a boardroom-ready report which explains the key headline outcomes of the data processing.

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