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MM. Spouse

Is an automated marital status predictor which discovers spousal relationships and provides the ability to add gender, D.O.B and address to a member record.

This allows trustees, actuaries & insurers to accurately calculate a scheme’s liabilities during the de-risking process.

Pension scheme valuations can be distorted due to unknown member marital status, spouse’s age or beneficiaries.

A defined benefit member’s spouse or beneficiary may be entitled to payment following the death of a partner. If the scheme is unaware of their member’s marital status, this can lead to the risk of unexpected and potentially unknown liabilities. This is important when a scheme is going through a tri-annual valuation or undertaking valuation as part of de-risking as part of its end-game strategy. MM. Spouse scans pension member databases and cross-references billions of records from multiple sources using advanced data science.

This allows trustees, actuaries & insurers to:

  • Predict a member’s relationship status
  • Append spouse’s information to the member’s pension record including Name, D.O.B, Address & Gender
  • Identifies possible beneficiaries

A critical resource for Pension de-risking

MM. Spouse helps actuaries to make better decisions by predicting a member’s marital status. When a spouse is identified, their information, including age, is appended to the member record.

One of the following categories will also be determined for all members:


Living as a Family


Long Term Relationship



Shared Living

Seamless Implementation

MM. Spouse is offered as a managed service and is applied to a bulk data set.

Input data requirements

MM. Spouse can process ambiguous data and is configurable based on requirements. As a minimum MM. Spouse requires a member’s DOB & Postcode. However, more granular data improves results.

Process & Analysis

Analyse and cross reference data with billions of records to append spouse information and marital status.

Overview Report

MM. Spouse will produce a boardroom-ready report which explains the key headline outcomes of the data processing.

MM. a trusted data enrichment and de-risking partner

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