Data quality & currency is crucial for efficient pension benefits management. MM. helps you achieve the ‘quick wins’ outlined by the Pensions Administration Standards Association.

MM. can offer Complete, Accurate and Consistent Data: Our solutions verify addresses, trace to new addresses as well as finding beneficiaries and spouse information which will be looked upon favourably by Insurers.

The consequences of incomplete and poor-quality data: Inadequate data leads to higher costs and delays in your de-risking journey. MM. mitigates these risks with comprehensive data solutions.

PASA’s Quick Wins:

Common Data Excellence: We verify addresses and provide accurate member information.

Complete and Consistent Data: Regularly confirm a member is living as stated with MM. Residence. Suppress out-dated addresses and trace to new.

Marital Screening for Costing Accuracy: MM. Spouse provides comprehensive marital screening, allowing you to identify spouses, civil partners, or eligible cohabiting partners. By gathering their names and dates of birth, you can enhance your costing accuracy and make informed decisions during valuation or de-risking.

Mortality Screening: MM. Existence can identify undisclosed deaths within your membership. Reduce premiums by conducting this exercise for deferred members, who might not be apart of your routine Screening.

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